Intramersive Media LLC



Who We Are

Meet our team of worldbuilders.


Carly Dwyer - Founder, Creative Director

I founded Intramersive Media in 2017 after spending nearly two decades working professionally in the world of theatre, theatre education and LARP.

My parents were thrilled when I was admitted to Harvard University but since they didn’t have a theatre degree I designed my own major, Storytelling and Performance by combining Folklore, Anthropology and Performance. After spending some time in the world I went back to get an Ed.M. in Art in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Campaign larping found me in college and for the past two decades I have run larps, developed larps, and played larps. It seemed silly that larp and theatre didn’t integrate in a way that played up both their strengths so I decided to give it a try.

I am willing to work with anyone who takes their work seriously and isn’t a jerk. That has ranged from 8 year olds at the Cambridge YMCA, sixth graders in Dorchester, teenagers in Concord, independent film makers from all over, major film studios, Cirque du Soleil and a myriad of story focused organizations and individuals.

When I’m devising larp theater I make costumes, plan for the zombie apocalypse, struggle with technology and prepares for when my 7 year old daughter takes over the world.


Jasmine Kimieye Graham - Art Director, Development and Technology

Raised in Salem, Ma (The Witch City). I spent my late teens and early twenties on my own haunting the decaying mansions & student ghettos of Allston with horror punks and burlesque girls. 

After graduating from The Massachusetts College Of Art and Design with a Degree focusing on traditional handmade stop motion, I began working with the Bad Ass Kids of Boston and Cambridge. Arming them with both Crafts and Cameras I also tried to Socratically hone their minds and have facilitated workshops on everything from a boys knitting group to a critical analysis of gender and racial tensions in slasher films. 

I am currently working on creative projects in Brighton, MA while holding down a day job Techno-mancing.  I can be found spending time with my live in musician, a hateful yellow cat, a 1/2 goblin & a staggering amount of library books both overdue and otherwise.


Diana Dunlap - Lead Writer and Content Developer

Salem-based theatre-maker and public historian Diana Dunlap specializes in the fusion of the arts historic interpretation. Diana appeared in many productions with History Alive Inc. and Salem Theatre Company while founding a local Shakespeare project, the Upstart Crows, and directing for Beverly’s Still Small Theatre. Over the course of the last fifteen years she has worked as an educator and interpreter at historic sites across New England, most recently at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum and the Print Shop of Edes and Gill at historic Faneuil Hall. Diana designs and performs first-person and interactive historic interpretation by request for a variety of museums and tour groups, and she is a Trustee and founding member of the Salem Historical Society. She made her Intramersive debut as conflicted cunning woman  Elizabeth Pendle in Daemonologie and returned as the dangerous, difficult, ever-defiant Irish Queen Maeve for Blackthorn Winter before conceiving, writing, and directing Daemonologie: Blood and Bone.