Intramersive Media LLC
Intramersive Media LLC



Be a part of our world.

Intramersive Media is an immersive game theatre company based out of Salem MA.  We specialize in high production value, immersive experiences where guests can leave the realm of audience and become a part of the story. Using immersive theater, innovative storytelling and live action role playing, Intramersive gives audiences the opportunity to impact our small impermanent worlds..

Each show is a unique world which offers different levels of intensity of game play. We run events for first time immersive theatre players as well as more ambitious and adventurous spectactors. Check out our projects page to find an upcoming event right for you!

Intramersive Media is part of the creative economy and as such strives to pay its artists a living wage. When you purchase a ticket to one of our shows know your ticket is going directly to a highly trained, diverse and professional creative community. Art works.