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Daemonologie: Smoke & Mirrors

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Lucie and Scott Patrowicz, Kevin Cafferty, Emilie Codega, Jacqui Bellanger, The Sanderson Sisters of Salem, Jean Mitton, Dennis and Norma Schafer, Mike Dwyer, Liz Polay-Wettingel, Ryan Evans, Darcy Duke, Michael Blanding, O’Keefe Creative, The Pierce Farm at Witch Hill, Ronald K. Olson, Shannon Lewis, Topher Carlson, Paige Bessie, Amelia and Kenny Smith, Dwight Edwards, Alicia Sovas, Adam Tanzer, Tara Dykens, Dylan Smith, Dwight Edwards, John Bechtold, Lisa Merriman, Sinking Ship Creations, Karen McLendon, Lisa Merriman, Jill Thompson, Nicole Chan, Gabriel Abrams, Catherine Camp, Eric Haas, Lois Harada, Susan Smith

This production is being produced by Creative Collective and in partnership with the Peabody Essex Museum. We encourage you to learn more about the various ways these organizations are working to create a more sustainable creative local economy.

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