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Amelia Smith is a North Shore-based actor, director, teacher, and writer. She is thrilled to be making her debut with Intramersive! When she is not onstage, Amelia teaches theatre at North Shore Christian School in Lynn, and directs productions with Still Small Theatre in Beverly. She would like to thank Carly and Diana for trusting her with this role, and everyone involved in this production for all the work they’ve put into creating this world of Smoke & Mirrors.


Ashley Skeffington is thrilled to be part of Daemonology: Smoke and Mirrors! Recent credits include Hamlet with Creative Collective, Private Eyes with Salem Theatre Company, and An Inspector Calls with Cape Ann Theater Collaborative. Ashley would like to thank her friends, family, and students for their constant support.


Jennifer Emerson, who plays the role of Mrs. Kelley, is thrilled to make her debut with Intramersive Media. A Historical Actress for the past 18 years, she has performed from Connecticut to Baltimore to London. Like Mrs. Kelley, she is newly arrived in Salem and learned Irish legends on her father’s knee.


Actor and storyteller Tom Sternberg (René Edouard Philip Levesque) is newly returned to the North Shore after a six year exile down south. To this Lovecraftian coast there could be no warmer welcome than working with Intramersive, of whom he's long been a fan and with whom he's honored to create. His other work includes leading interpretive tours at the Crane Estate in Ipswich and, recently, helping to organize the Newburyport Film Festival. Deep thanks to his fellow cast members and to the Intramersive production team for their dedication to bringing history alive.


William Ryder Johnston (Nathaniel Hawthorne) is a New Hampshire based actor, blacksmith, carpenter and more, that is overjoyed to be joining Intramersive for the first time, and in creating this amazing performance that he hopes will delight all. His recent roles include: Constable Jones of Spider’s Web, The Duke of Cornwall in King Lear and Baptista in The Taming of The Shrew.


Ian Helmick (Dr. Horatio Gardner) is a North Shore based actor and historic interpreter in Boston. This is his second show with Intramersive. Last year he played Reverend Hallowell in Blood and Bone. He would like to thank Diana and Carly for this opportunity.


Dev Blair is a poet, playwright, performer, and ‘professional’ star-gazer from all over the occupied land known as the Southeast US. While a recent graduate of the Boston University School of Theatre, they embrace fluidity of form as an artistic tool in service of their primary artistic goal: to change the culture. In addition to their freelance theatre artist work, they've published digital media on queer issues as a freelance content creator (YouTube, Medium, Lenny Letter, MTV Voices), been named an Artist-in-Residence at Rosie's Place via the BU CFA Arts Lab program, and are currently releasing original music on Spotify. Boston theatre credits: GREATER GOOD (Company One Theatre/American Repertory Theatre) STRAIGHT WHITE MEN (New Repertory Theatre), THIS PLACE/DISPLACED (Artists’ Theatre of Boston), WIG OUT! (Company One Theatre/American Repertory Theatre).


Anita Harkess (Mary Peabody Mann) is a big fan of Intramersive—so big that this is the 5th show she’s acted in with them. Anita has also played pirate queen Grace O’Malley in Blackthorn Winter and Hawthorne Moon, grieving mom Madge Chadwicke in the first installment of Daemonologie, and the countermagic-casting laundress Goody Frye in Daemonologie: Blood and Bone.